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About Delly Allen

Delly started modelling at a very young age for brands like LC Waikiki and then went on to be one of the main faces of LÒreal and Matrix for each of their new collections for three years. Due to her acting career she was also invited as a special guest to model during Sofia Fashion Week 2015 and has appeared in numerous music videos (The Vamps, RAYE, Parisa Tarjomani, etc.) and commercials (Lacalut, TikTok, Waitrose, Cornetto and more). Delly recently worked with Zone Two UK, shooting for Foxiedox, Joe`s Jeans & Maison Scotch and for the up and coming brand Mac London. She also has done promotion launches for W7 and other clothing and make up brands.

Delly has been training boxing for over five years now, as well as snowboarding and horseback riding (and can even do some simple stunts!). She has firearms training too and is a very active person in general. She can also sing and dance, loves spending her time working out, walking her dogs in the park, reading lots and lots of books on filmmaking, autobiographies, etc. and watching tons of movies (sometimes one per day).


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