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About Andrada Statie

Andrada is a professional model. She has been in this industry from a very young age since15 years old as an international model. She travelled in many cities and was even based in some of the biggest capitals of fashion for a while. Milan was her home for 4 years , there she learned a new language, speaking fluently Italian and being appreciated by Italian designers to even create their collections on her body. Doing fittings and showrooms for Armani, Bluemarine, Alberta Ferretti and Roberto Cavalli.

She also did numerous catwalk and fashion presentations for small Italian brands as beachwear and lingerie ( Parah, Pin up stars, etc) but also for Rome fashion week haute couture brands with amazing dresses( Nino Lettieri, Giada Curtti,etc) and recently move to London and already booked a few shows for London Fashion week( LePerlain, Molini, Adebayo Jones, etc)

Despite her passion for fashion and many experience in the fashion world, Andrada loves being in front of the camera, loves being on set, loves giving the best quality service with her skills, now she is getting into the commercial fashion and acting world.

With previous experience in Istanbul for few commercial adds in the past, and moving to London without knowing anybody, Andrada was very persistent and ambitious model to break into the UK market as well. Recentlly she did the Saudi turism campaign, and a few other adds for fashion brands and Mckinsey race in the work place campaign.

When she is not on set , she loves to stay fit, gym is her addiction, lifting weights and yoga for peace and mind is what balance a crazy life.

As a personality she is a happy person, always with a smile but always serious and professional about her job. She is never late, and she is never tired as long the client gets the best possible result.

Her new passion is acting, recent signing up to Actors Café workshop to continue finally a long-lost passion she already started years back in Milan. To be closer to the movie world she also loves being on set as a supporting artist in big Netflix feature films filming in the Uk .

She is ambitious and ready to take every opportunity that comes and helps in growing her dream. She wants to be on set one day doing the biggest jobs and being appreciated for her work. If that won’t happen she doesn’t care because she enjoys very much the journey not the destination, meanwhile she will just work and be happy about it .

Adventurous person, professional in her job, and always with a smile. Her personality is always noticed beside her beauty and all the previous clients loved her.











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