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Izzy Stickland


Dark Blonde











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About Izzy Stickland

Izzy has been working as a full-time model for 8 years.  She is a hardworking and versatile model, who acts naturally in front of the camera and takes direction very well.

Izzy can shoot many different looks, ranging from commercial lingerie, hair, beauty, fitness and bridal, to office supplies and tyres!

Her clients have included; Wella, Joe Browns, Next, Watches of Switzerland, Tui, GHD, Bravissimo, Long Tall Sally, Tu, St Moriz and Kenwood. To name just a few. Izzy is friendly, but professional, and maintains good relationships with all her clients.

Izzy has been acting for 4 years and has worked on several TV commercials and speaking roles on a few Netflix productions and short films.

In her spare time, she enjoys walking her dogs, drawing, cooking, eating out and travelling.


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