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About Natasha Murphy

Natasha Murphy embarked on her modelling career at the age of 14 with Premier Models, having found the creative media industry to be the perfect environment in which to explore her passions for fashion, dancing and music. She brings enthusiasm for creativity in all that she does, which in turn has led to countless repeat bookings and positive feedback from clients.

She prides herself on her strong work ethic and believes that every person has the power to experience life to the full through their own hard work and determination. She has recently worked with a variety of world class brands, such as Carolina Herrera at Harrods, Sony, American Express, 7Hues Magazine, Tatty Devine, Debbie Bliss, British Airways amongst many others.

Alongside Modelling, Natasha is a Professional Actor – her impressive resumé of credits includes performances on stage and in Film and Television. Her most recent film, Hendrix and the Spook by Oscar-nominated director Tim Conrad sees her play the main cast role of Hendrix’s girlfriend, Monika Dannemann.

Dancing has played big part in Natasha’s life, having won over 50 awards for Irish dancing before the age of 16. She studied a multitude of dancing styles throughout her childhood, attending many dance classes every week and learning complex dance routines; Murphy developed a natural flare for picking things up very quickly.

A music lover from a young age, Natasha loves attending music festivals and gigs. Recently she has turned her talent to making music, having used the lockdown as a perfect chance to learn the piano and keyboard – her biggest inspiration being the late, great Dave Greenfield from her favourite band, The Stranglers. Natasha’s love affair with creativity goes on, having also worked with indie rock bands and fashion models as a stylist.


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