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  • Manchester Fashion Photographer
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Shannon Feetham


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About Shannon Feetham

After a break from the industry to focus on university, Shannon has recently returned and is ready to give modelling her full attention. In her very short time back to the industry, she has since had the opportunity to model for e-commerce on websites such as Debenhams, walk in fashion shows, feature in music videos, and spends as much time as possible in front of the camera, and attending auditions. Vibrant, friendly and a go-getter by nature, her favourite aspects of modelling are the dynamic nature of the job, the endless stream of possibilities for creating and constantly meeting and working alongside new interesting people.

Growing up mixed race in the South of Spain, Shannon has a deep appreciation for warm weather and cultural diversity, having been raised with family in the Mediterranean and Far East. She speaks Spanish and has an inherent love of travel, drawing much of her inspiration from visiting new places and experiencing new cultures and environments. A gym enthusiast, Shannon is dedicated to a strength training regimen in order to maintain mental clarity and remain strong and energetic.

Shannon’s passion for writing compelled her to begin a beauty and wellness blog, where she combines her knowledge of science with her love of beauty and skin care products, and advocates principles such as health is wealth and beauty begins within. When she is not modelling, she is researching and poring over journals to present the best information possible in her written articles. Through her social media she has also had the chance to work with several up and coming skincare brands. She ultimately hopes to launch her own beauty and wellness centric brand to inspire other women to be the best version of themselves.


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