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About Sam Patrick

I’m an actor and model. I like doing things I’m afraid of and stepping out of my comfort zone. This year I’m doing an ironman for MND and I’m building a narrow boat from the ground up. My favourite life quote is by Anais Nin….. Life contracts and expands in proportion to one’s courage.

So my friend has been a really successful model for years and she thought I should give it a go so here I am. I’ve was a professional dancer working in TV, theatre and pop tours and now I’m an actor. Recently I’ve done a bit o Eastenders and Call the Midwife.  I’ve never really seen myself as a model. Does anyone ever really see themselves as other people do though?

I’m lucky enough to have lived in Ireland and I’ve lived in Florida for 3 years too. I’ve also been lucky enough to travel the world doing various jobs. I’ve come to realise that it’s not where you are but where you’re at.

How would my friends describe me? Not sure I can say on here but if you’ve seen the Lego movie my girlfriend basically told me I was Emmet! Sad thing is she’s probably right! Lol

If I could have any superpower it  would choose invisibility (it’s the best one!) I’m quite mischievous so I could do whatever I wanted!

I like to read and I’m currently reading Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani, it’s life changing! It’s about her dying and coming back to life, fighting and curing herself of cancer just by the power of thought and becoming enlightened. It’s profound and a just a really good read.


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