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About Daniel Machado Vasquez

I’m a Cuban-born Londoner with a passion for experiencing new adventures! I have been a part of fun, creative and entertaining content in many different fields such as television, online and through print media – both as a performer / radio presenter / model and also behind the camera. My experience behind the scenes includes media production, marketing, sales, social media, public relations and event planning – but I always find time for a cheeky bit of salsa dancing in-between. At present I am looking to continue to further my career in the entertainment industry, and promise to bring energy, enthusiasm and professionalism to every job I undertake.

I have done several acting roles across television and film, the most high profile of which was my feature role in the new collaborative music video for the renowned Latin artists Tony Succar, Marc Quiñones, Issac Delgado and Haila Mompie. In this music video I played the ground breaking role of a man proposing to another man – the first of it’s kind in a Latin-American music video. I have also done numerous television roles including a German production filmed in Oxford called “Summer in Oxford”.

I have a great deal of experience in presenting as well, working for Black Tears (the new spiced rum brand in Cuba), interviewing famous acts at music festivals such as Cimafunk, DJ Spooky, Tom & Collins, Beutnoise, DJ Mickey Perez, House Republic, DJ Gost, DJ Jigüe, amongst others. I have also been featured in various commercials through library stock footage, working with renowned photographer and videographer Andres Rodriguez.


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