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About David Galea

David Galea is an Italian actor living in London.

He has studied for three years in Milan at Campo Teatrale Acting School where he developed his theatrical and cinematographic acting. Afterwards, when he moved to London he attended the Actors Centre and expanded his skills by learning voiceover, presenting and public speaking.

David first felt driven towards the performing arts in 1995 studying ballet at Centro Arte Danza di Renata Galea. His ballet studies have developed his movement techniques and awareness of body control that are a strong foundation in which David has built his acting craft.

Campo Teatrale in Milan was David’s first connection to acting. There he found his true love and took his first steps toward his greatest dream, to become an actor. 

In Italy, he had his first breakthrough into acting playing the character of Davide, a nurse, in the TV series Terapia D’Urgenza. Shortly afterwards he had a second chance to shine in Italian television by playing a businessman in the sitcom Piloti

However, he had always felt inspired by British actors like Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins, Ian McKellen and many others. For precisely this reason, and the admiration he felt towards these great actors, David decided to move to London as soon as he had the chance. Shortly after his arrival, in 2010, he was offered to be represented by Brood Management acting agency in London and there he found his first acting job at the Royal Opera House.

Since 2013 David has been a part of the acting chorus at the Royal Opera House: he has work in several productions like Nabucco and Idomeneo, in which he had the pleasure to perform with a true master of the stage: the opera singer Placido Domingo. In addition he also managed to work some truly remarkable productions directed by the great Daniele Abbado.

He has played the lead actor in various independent short films before getting involved in full length films.

David is mostly known for playing the lead character (Dee) in the feature film Soho Cigarette which had its premiere at London’s Raindance Film Festival. The film was the winner of Best Cinematography at London’s East End Film Festival and winner of the Asseccion Award at EEFF Film Festival.

London film critics have “spoken highly” about David’s performance in the film: “David Galea’s charismatic central performance is captivating; he shows real skill in making you root for Dee through the hard times” said Harry Jackman, Raindance Film Festival programmer

“The scene where Dee talks in his native tongue to the vacant space in the back seat of his car as he drives through the night time streets is a stand out moment.” Greg Wetherall, HuffPost Entertainment.

“As Dee, Italian actor David Galea is perfect for the role. With his cheeky smile, the glint in his eyes, and his very flirty Italian ways, this man can sell anything, even London Bridge”. Tim Baros HITC Lifestyle

Recently David has professionally trained as a stunt at the British Action Academy in screen fighting (Street fight, Broadsword, Cutlass, Gladius & Shield, Dagger, Shield & Spear). He has performed in films and live on stage in a series of different combats styles: he acted as a gladiator, as a spartan and even as a knight at the Medieval Festival.  

David has also started leading numerous workshops and courses in Italy and UK including Voice and Movement for kids with disabilities and coaching professional actors. Some of his trainings and working techniques come from Meisner Technique, Ferruccio Soleri, and Cesar Brie.

David Galea is truly passionate about acting and he has made the performing arts his life philosophy.


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